When light becomes darkness,
and all I can see,
is the beating of my heart,
and you not next to me,
you’re not clutching my hand,
in a whirlwind of love,
the emptyness is growing,
where there use to be love,
where do I go from here?
standing on the edge of life,
afraid to jump,
afraid to end this life,
once I had everything,
with you in my arms,
smiling at me,
with your love and your charm,
now it’s all dark,
love’s been long gone,
why couldn’t you see,
my love and my charm,
your light in my eyes,
the pain in my heart,
now I stand here,
alone in the dark,
wishing I could see you,
wishing you were real,
wishing I could here you,
whisper in my ear,


Todays poetry contest submission was written by Linda.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?