Lost Souls

What I see is what holds me back
I know in this area I lack.
What I know I how to overcome
Even though it’s hard to some.
What I hear are the voices
Screaming out above the noises.
What I smell is the decay
Of all that death has eaten away.
What I touch is a child’s tears
Grown up in too short of years.
What I taste is the burnt ashes of a fire
Set ablaze with hate as one’s desire.
Passion filled
Passion killed.
A ticking time bomb waiting to explode
Their life has led them to implode.
No one can help them finish the story untold
That which was once filled with treasures of gold.
Now in this time
We bring to mind
All the lost souls who have taken their lives as tolls
And never got to finish their dreams and life goals.
They fade into the background
And yet we see them all around
They feel unwanted and dismissed
Feel unloved and seems like they were dissed

Todays best new poem was written by Shayne Castro.


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