Lost In Love

I can’t remember the time
I just remember your face
I can’t remember the day
But your tracks I can trace
I forgot where I was
I can’t remember the date
I don’t really know if it’s April or May
All that I know is I was locked in a gaze

I know you had wavy hair
Right down to your knees
You had vibrant red highlights
You wore a coat made of fleece
You would always say thank you
And you would always say please
I was blinking my eyes
You were so perfect I thought it a dream
We entered a crowded bus
You stopped to sit next to me
It was utterly silent
So we both fell asleep.

I was lost in love for the very first time
It’s an incredible feeling I couldn’t describe
Now I’m sitting at home counting nickels and dimes
Did I have enough to spend to maybe see you again
We could sit together on the bus and once again get lost in love

The flowers are blooming outside
Birds are chirping their song of the night
There are no signs of heartbreak
No sounds of cries
Everything’s quiet yet so full of life

And all I want to do is get
Lost in love
Lost in love
Lost in love with you.

Then maybe once Could be 2, Could be 3, Could be 4, Could be more
Could be 5, Could be 6, And then stare, And then kiss
I know it’s a dream
But it’s also my wish.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Matt Drama.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?