Losing My Sense Of When

We chased the dawn in its perpetual horizon

weightless, we flew in the company of

blazing stars and crescent moon

Every nerve ending singing

softly with hundred flutes, firing

envisage against the muted light

of our long togetherness.

The Candle

– We lit . From its dying corpse , we prayed

for a new wick to burn aflame

The Veil

– We shared, hid the unwelcome vitriolic return

of our dwindling ebb of rapture

The Cord

– Bound us , tied not only remnants

of our souls but the very spirit that flickers the

secret fire in our hearts

The Vow

– We renewed, filled with unspoken promises,

pregnant , shimmered like dewdrops

For Years

– We bathed in the beauty of brook you behold

Your love is the river that gives shape to my life

Your passion is the rain that cultivates my soil

Yours is the heart always big enough for both of us

Ever unfailing, ever big enough to hold us .


Todays best new poem was written by Jennifer Habana-Abastillas.


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