Long Walk Home

The flaming hot Sun,

Once blazing on my face;

Is now setting behind my back,

Showing me the way through this maze.

My long feeble shadow,

That left with the overhead rays;

Has slowly returned back,

Moving along with a loving embrace.

The dreary desert sand,

Which had burnt my bare feet;

Still bears those dry footprints,

And keeps the memories concrete.

And here I stand, with all my blood,

On the last dune in this hearth;

And from here I see the greens at last,

And from here I smell my earth.

The harsh scalding air, covered me with coarse souvenir,

Still couldn’t sear away my persistent soul;

It has now matured into a genial breeze,

Bidding me goodbye with a gentle troll.

No time to rejoice,

Not much time to waste;

For far away is my home,

I must make haste.

And I go on, no fear of that I am;

This is the day of my dreams, I used to see;

Today I know what tomorrow is to bring,

Today is the day when I am finally me.

Todays best new poem was written by Pratik.


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4 thoughts on “Long Walk Home

  1. OMG!! what a poem. A person can actually relate to it. Cheers bro. Way to go 🙂

  2. beautiful! I like the way the poem carries the reader in a way that lets you know this has been a long journey without actually saying it. Well done. Good luck from here. Finding ones self at the end of a long journey is both a comfort and a strain.

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