Lonely Is

Lonely is: who’s heart’s like a bird
Lonely is: who has searched the whole world
Lonely is: a tree with no shade
Doesn’t matter whether the sun shines or fade(s)
Lonely is: a desert without sand
Lonely is: not having someone to roam another land
Lonely is: having an up with no down
Tell me, is that the reason you only wear a frown??
Lonely is: when you’re hurting and no one cares at all
Even when your broken heart is so many feet tall
Lonely is: having music without a certain song
Can’t help but to just sit back and think how you’ve longed
Though through these words, found lonely isn’t the bird
For he has wings to search the world
It isn’t the tree with no shade
You see, it has the soil in which it bathes
It couldn’t be the desert with no sand
‘Cause they go hand in hand
It’s not having someone to roam land to land
See, should never depend on MAN!!
It’s good to have an up without down
So you’ll never wear another frown
Now, lonely can be but, doesn’t have to be all these things
Depending on the tune, the melody you sing
In all these things lonely can be
Not sure if it is or isn’t, it depends on how you see
But what I am sure of is, Lonely is: SHE
Lonely is: ME

Todays best new poem was written by Soph_Master.


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