Living Life

We’re living in a sad cliche
Day to day, just one big delay
Putting our lives on hold
To fit into the mold of life that’s accepted
Not wanting to feel the hurt of being neglected
Conformity is a way of life
We fight hard to rid ourselves of that strife
The place we love, we come to stay
With hope of just one more chance to live the next day
The saddest part is that many never do
So how you take this is up to you
Live your life
Or say you’re through
But just remember that when I die
I want to be to lay in peace
To know I didn’t live a lie
No regrets is unrealistic
Find the strength to stay optimistic
What you do with it is what makes you
Forgot the ones, the narcissistic
The unreliable and unattainable
Your experiences are the key
Don’t succumb to conformity
Live your life and let it be
Otherwise you’re never truly be free
And just maybe one day,
One day,
You’ll be happy


Todays best new poem was written by Brooklyn Langston.


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