Live Forever

The drum begins to beat,
Faster by each moment.
Surrounded by this unbearable heat,
I run in sight of my future triumph.
Time plagues me,
As I dash over logs, bushes, and rocks.
Each breath that leaves my body,
I can feel my will lock.
My heart is the only thing that keeps me going,
My body is weak,
But my passion is forever flowing.
No matter the tear that my body must endure,
My heart keeps beating,
For victory is what it longs for.
Thirst, Pain, Heat, or deprival of sleep,
Won’t hold me back as I race forward.
Even time can’t compete,
With my glorious reward.
As if my body and heart became one,
My ailments retreat,
Leaving me feeling as though I am flying.
Time continues to try to make me a fool,
But I grin as the sun fades,
That time has forgotten one rule.
Even with its feeble barricade,
I will always defeat it every time,
For even though its current and force are strong,
My will and determination are stronger.
Also as long as passion and desire rings through me like a never ending song.
I will die and fade away never,
For I will defeat death as well,
For I will live forever.


Todays best new poem was written by Imania Margria.