Little Hills Of Esigodini

fabulous sight
landforms snake up and down
in an extraordinary fashion
of Nature’s poise and pride
breasts of land projecting
into charged saddles
saddles always midwifed
to gush out milk
of purity and tranquility
the hills though small in size

short in height
they lug and beam
a beauty that towers
the sky of my intrigue
their warmth appendages
the body with a nobility priceless
like a cup of undiluted water
they stand out undisturbed
unchallenged by the ever-jerky
wheels of seasons and weather
during gusty days their music
romances my ears with
a rare calmness

l feel altogether like
abandoning my journey for them
crowning them my beautiful infinity
during sun-drenched days
their seemingly little panorama
drowns and dazzles my eyes into
an image of snug oases
unparalleled greening
of my soul

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Starrider.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


2 thoughts on “Little Hills Of Esigodini

  1. wow!this has reminded of the beautiful district I come from Esigodini.well done keep the Mthwakazi flag flying high.

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