I`m just a beaten, bruised, broken soul, I feel like I`ve lost all control.

I pray every day for a better life, yet I`m being attacked by Satan`s knife.

I do the best I can each and every day, but Satan is always in my way.

Temptations and trials I face, my souls wonders if I`m a wasted space?

I hear all these ministers preaching about giving it all to God and why, I figured I really should give it a try.

I`m all alone praying, I start swaying and fall to my knees.

God, listen to me please. I have sinned so much that I am ashamed and I am the only one blamed.

A certain lie that I have told, I know this is bold but I want to die.

Nothing ever gets better, only worse. Everybody I know would be more than thrilled to see my lifeless body in a hearse.

Nobody cares about me, it`s suicide that now tempts my weakened soul and this is my plea.

Please give me peace, comfort and let my beaten, bruised, broken soul fly up to Heaven to spend eternity with you.

All is silence and I close my eyes.

“Child, now you listen to me. You are not a beaten, bruised, broken soul. You are beautiful, strong, and mine. Your time to fly is when I send an angel by. When I come around, Satan must flee. Promise me one thing; never ever lose faith in me.”


Todays best new poem was written by Caitlin Parsons.