Life’s Gamble

Have you ever broken something and there was no way to fix it
Or needed to really talk and there was no one there to listen
When you live in this lifetime you make so many mistakes
You give your all until there’s nothing left to take
And just when reality comes to term your emotionally a fake
You done wrong so many times that right seems like a lie
You’ve cried wolf so many times when your actually hurt no one hears you cry
Life has so many rules but fails to clearly explain instruction
Because it chews you up and spits you out and expects you to be ready for induction
And that’s where life seriously suffers from a bad malfunction
There should be morals and rules itemized and listed
Constitutionalized and offenders should be arrested
I pledge to the,a new united states investment
A guarantee to save heartache and depression
Another one of life’s well learned lessons
an official screwed by life confession after life’s trials of recession
A surviver far from perfection but further than resurrection
Reformed, transformed,a new me was reborn yet still torn
By the cheater and deceiver of unplanned plans
The life that never understands yet in high ratio of demand
The game changer that rhetorically kicks you in the leg and expect you to straightly stand
But after a while you get fed up and tired of continuously rollin dice
So you create a strategy and eventually win in the game of life


Todays best new poem was written by Renee’.


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