Just Dance

Dance before your God.
In the morning and evening.
Underneath the stars.

Dance in the wet dew
That thickly covers your feet.
Do not ever stop.

Dance up to the sky.
Touch the stars and that bright moon.
Dance on all the clouds.

At every birth,
Dance happily with singing
As they grow older.

When so soon there’s death,
Dance a sorrowful slow dance
Knowing they’re with God.

Dance past the big sun.
Past all of the galaxies.
Till’ God claims a dance.


Todays best new poem was written by Makayla Burtner.


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12 thoughts on “Just Dance

  1. Instead of son it should be soon, but other than that it’s great! Hope to hear more from you. Very moving.

  2. I like the images the words bring so clearly to my mind. Great faith and joy of life is portrayed in this poem.

  3. Well written. If you listen to the words you can truly hear God at work.

  4. I liked the simplicity of it, it made the message stronger. Very touching. Good work and good luck!

  5. absolutely beautiful.Is obvious how God is working in your life to show others His love. Gods gift to all of us through you.

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