Just Another Game

I fell
Back into the shadows
Hiding in my shell
Watching the rain
Extinguish hell
Gradually, sizzling pain
I watch, but I shouldn’t tell
How hot the flame once was
Not a soul could fathom
How every molecule, nerve
Connected by the seams of your soul,
Irreconcilable images
That which begets peculiar bliss and agony
A visual so encumbered of confusion,
How could one betray
That which once was my light
Numb, dead, decay,
Your words
Rewind, replay
Broken promises, lies
How could you
Leave me in the dark,
Oozing, bleeding
How could you break my heart?
The rain
Is crashing down
Emphasizes the pain,
Please, tell me, was I
Just a player in your game?


Todays best new poem was written by Alecia Henderson.


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