Through the years we grow and age at the same time,
in a lifetime journey.
Life lessons are taught and learned some are easy and others are not.
The journey beckons seemingly faster as we move onward
with peaks and valleys.
We linger here and there, sometimes good and sometimes bad
higher and higher.
Experience comes with age they say,
but why I ask, oh why?
Knowledge is power so we are told,
should we then be bold?
This world in which we live can be
a very bad and angry place.
Senseless crimes or so it seems are the coping skills of many in need and,
killing one another is a sport to be seen.
Everywhere, in small villages, in large cities, in foreign countries and in our homes, the journey taken is far away!
Safe is a word we have lost today, what we lose next
can only be imagined.
Fear tries to rule just look at the news, the dead and dying might just be the luckiest ones.
Suffering is imposed upon us all and for what reason
we cannot always know.
Hatred is daily living in many parts of the world
look closely and see the children growing in fear.
A madness there is almost everywhere, a madness from within
that beckons more than fear.
My journey’s end is near at hand, I pray today for peace in the land.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Mark Riley.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?