It’s Never Over

I can’t threaten to leave, ’cause you’re already gone.
But don’t tell me you’re right, ’cause I’m already wrong.
While you’re making me weak, I’m trying to be strong,
I was looking for something that was there all along.
I fell asleep alone, and then I opened my eyes,
To an angel from heaven in the middle of the night.
You came in like a dove, then left like a thief,
Ran off with my heart, and the air that I breathe.
I’m doing my best to respect your decision,
But I’m always so tempted, ’cause you’re always a vision.
Now the worst of our days are suddenly worth it,
And everything that you do is suddenly perfect.
And the day goes fast, but that’s not enough,
‘Cause it makes you nervous to spend a night in love.
And all you can do is run away,
And all I can do is be the reason you stay.
You say this will do us good, then I see the way I love you.
Now I’m living my life, while I’m dying to touch you.
And the seconds that pass when we glance at each other,
Feed our starving eyes and seem to go on forever.
And we won’t give in, but we won’t give up,
Sometimes it’s over, but never really over for us.
You’re setting me on fire while my bed is getting colder.
Every time we sit close, we sit a little bit closer.
We’re intrigued by the change, but never interested in closure,
It’s never over.


Todays best new poem was written by Tanya Peña.


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