The sun shines on each of us, one at a time,
And suddenly, without reason, the guilt reclines.
I wasted days that I should have occupied,
You fear the way that men change their minds.

I made my decisions based on all that I knew,
And traded this pink flesh for black and blue.
Ignoring the directions to pass round the slew,
You just drove right through.

My friends and my lovers,
I leave you to each other.

Under the cover of grief, I have become cruel,
And used this excuse to exorcise you.
Brief intervention, the process ridiculed,
No number of steps will ever make me move.

Are family just strangers sharing a name?
We are one but we are not the same.
Is it a crime in your eyes to give up on hope?
Or is it a crime that I’¬ím able to cope?

My friends and my lovers,
I leave you to each other.

Todays best new poem was written by Tinny Buffnell.


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