Now I’m just laying in my bed,
thinking about so many worthless stuff

The pain is tearing me apart,
and there’s no point in trying to bluff

Now I choose not to control it,
because I’m so tired of acting tough

I’m trying so hard to get to the green,
but I’m still stuck in the rough

I don’t know when I started feeling like this,
maybe it started with the end

The end of what was so beautiful,
with the departure of my beloved friend

Who’s the one to be blamed for this,
was our friendship to fragile to defend

In the end i have to move on,
after smiling for real now I can only pretend


I have to pretend that I’m okay,
so I don’t worry the friends I still have

Now that I’ve lost the pleasure to live,
and my heart is cut down in half

Maybe someday it will all become real,
and I will finally be able to laugh

Until then I will patiently wait,
with the man that’s smiling on my behalf

Todays best new poem was written by Frayamine.


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