Why must we go through life’s complications?
The hardships, the heartbreak, the dark moments
That plagues us so like shadows looming
And turning it into feelings of bittersweet

Anger, depression; hope flowing out of our delicate bodies
Deceiving us in the most unbearable ways
The answer, you will not find in others
But an idea comes to mind, of a simple explanation why

It is because we must suffer
To grow stronger and better
To learn lessons and flourish
It may be difficult, these darkening times

Some may even stay in the icy shadows
But many know it will not last
For a while, possibly but a lifetime, never
There is always a beautiful bright light

Past the umbra and Cimmerian
That awaits all that suffer and have done their time
To envelop them and fill them full again of the happiness they deserve
Anyone who finds they cannot rid themselves of darkness

Should never give up, and grasp that light because
Time heals all wounds, so just remember
If your heart is in pieces, look for the golden light
The orb of happiness that will mend your sweet heart

That will make you whole again, the light that represents
All the good times to come, where beautiful memories will be made
Just remember to wait, because things will get better
Even if you think they may not, still try and pick that

Silky white rose that is hope, and place it in your
Weakened heart, and help it grow strong
These are the reasons for which you should never give up
Happiness is always close by, waiting for you to just smile

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Quinn Thompson.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?