In Black And White

Black. The color of confidence, proud and certain,
always knowing where it stands.
An onyx stone. A raven’s wing. The rarest orchid.
The cover of a moonless sky, whispering to the dark waves
lapping at the shore.
The timbre of baritone. Resonant. Serious. Elegant but
foreboding at times.
Black waltzes in slowly like the stranger with deep,
brooding eyes. Perhaps an impending danger, but perhaps
not, for can a mere color be imposing?
White. The color to complement black.
The perfect partner, yet a complete opposite.
A shard of sunlight streaming through the cracks of
old barn wood, bringing light to the darkest corner.
Pure. Innocent and unblemished.
A snow angel. A child’s blanket. A dove’s feather. The brides gown and her brilliant smile.
No less intense than black.
Each standing on its own, prominent and without question.
Each its own entity.
Blending together to make a statement.
“Look at me, here I am.”
All the keys on a piano…the sharps and flats creating the
perfect melody.
The classical pictures, all in black and white.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by MysticW.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?