In Awe Of The Wonders Of Nature

Open air surrounds the darkened sky
Thy solid ground beneath thy feet.
Thy brightened moon,
Cast is darkened shadow upon thy earths soft core.
Dancing lights, twinkling upon heavens moonlight.
A wolf howls, as it beckons for another.
Rustles in the forest.
Trees that sway seemingly dancing,
An angels voice whispers, ever so softly.
A cool breeze comforts thy own soul and fills thy heart.
A glistening ember of a fire crackling deep upon thy open ground .
My eyes grow with life as my body shivers, trembling.
I look up amongst the darkness of the night.
Here I stand,
Here I look,
Here I gaze.
Here I

Todays best new poem was written by Walker.


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7 thoughts on “In Awe Of The Wonders Of Nature

    • thank you i have lots of poems like it feel free to ask me for more i can writ about anything

      • I wanted to say that I believe that when the world gets a bit off balance for us, we need to get back to nature…the quiet, with the sounds that come from birds, the animals we may see, flightingly as they move through their world…and we find a stillness… that place inside of peace… calm hits us, and we no longer feel the stress of what made us want to withdrawl into ourselves, wrapped in nothing but the nature and simplicity of living in the moment… just … taking …time… to …breathe..Thanks for your poem..Keep writing!!

  1. poetry i s the true way into my heart thru the soul of gods open hands, and an angels beautiful eyes!

  2. wow you are a wonderful poet!!. i have had the pleaser of reading some of your other poems. im an author/editor who resides in the UK.
    Mr. Walker i have to say your poetry is amazing!!!!! you are the next Ernest Hemingway. even the next Ralph Waldo Emerson!!. i really hope one day you publish your poetry!! I would buy a book from you without question! Dont give up writing not ever!! you have a gift that the world needs to hear with there eyes and hear with there heart!!

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