In A Crowded Room

I sit here day after day, wondering if I’m alive,
Wondering if you hear me breathe the long, dragging

What must I do or become to make my presence

Could it be that I’m just doom to be in this crowded room

What must I do to grab your attention or just a moment

of your time,
Must I sit and conjure a spell or two and cast it when the

moonlight shines?
Should I make myself a dazzling beauty and win you with

my charm,
Should I place my very body into your once loving arms?
I wonder if I could recreate all those special moments in

our lives,
Those times when you could see that I was here by your

What can I do to awaken those thoughts of loving care,
Those times in our lives, those moments that you knew

that I was there.
Even in this crowded room you make me feel so alone,
Some days I think to myself if I left would you notice that

I was even gone.
If I up and just disappeared would you come and search

for me,
Would you lose your mind, or fall apart or would you just

leave me be.
So I now contemplate these lingering questions in my

Hoping that I’’m not doom to see my soul torn apart.
So once again I breathe my cleansing sigh to help these

thoughts of loneliness be gone,
I’m tired of being second best to others, I need your love

to be known.
I say my prayers and lay down my head hoping that

morning brings some welcomed relief,
One day I won’’t feel so alone, on me, my true love’s

arms await to receive.


Todays best new poem was written by PoeticLady.


4 thoughts on “In A Crowded Room

  1. I love this poem from beginning to end, please show this young lady some love for using her words to paint a picture and for taking you on a written journey.This poem definitely hasy vote. ShauP.

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