Impossibly Iridescent

Her hands shook,
But she was used to it.
Her clothes no longer flattered her,
But she didn’t mind.
Her long, faded hair was cut short years ago,
But she still missed her curls.
Her eyesight was not what it used to be,
But that’s why she had glasses.
Her hearing had faded,
But she could always ask people to speak up.
Her thoughts sometimes drifted away,
But eventually she found them.
Her husband had passed,
But she grew used to living alone.
Her house was sometimes cold,
But she always had a sweater.
Her joints hurt,
But she had pills for that.
Her depression came and went,
But she had pills for that too.
Her attention span dwindled,
But it kept her entertained.
Her appetite had lost its appetite,
But she had hardly ever had one.
Her money sat in the bank,
But she had no need to touch it.
Her grandchildren barely visited,
But she figured they were too busy.
Her fingernails were dirty,
But she didn’t feel like washing them.
Her kids called once in awhile,
But she had nothing to say.
Her ring fell off her finger,
But she didn’t pick it up.
Her mind grew blank,
But she didn’t notice.
Her heart stopped one day,
But the world kept moving.

Todays best new poem was written by Jessica Goudreault.


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One thought on “Impossibly Iridescent

  1. Way too bad thats aboit as good ss we can expect and better than those meeting viovlent ends; nit wouldnt it be better to kust keep getting smaller, cuter and more hugs and nurturing like we did for our babies!

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