I’ll Remember You

I’ll remember you, even in my last breath I’ll remember you
I’ll remember you as pain cause that’s all you brought me
Angry and destroyed from the inside
I’ll remember you as dirt across a road
The type of dirt people walks on as every week goes by
I’ll remember as this deadly disease with no cure
That scary ghost that keeps me awake the most
A prayer with no answer, A dream with no meaning
I’ll remember you as music, with no harmony
A heart with no emotions, no expressions, full of depressions
I’ll remember you as tears cause with you I never ran out
I’ll remember you as hate, cause if you search deep inside, take the heart and you’ll see hate.
I’ll remember you as fire, cause you set all I ever knew on fire and watched it burned
I’ll remember you as poison, cause you were deadly
A question mark you’ll be, cause I’m sure of nothing that I knew
I’ll remember you as goodbye, unspoken thoughts, distant memories
There is no need to ask to be remembered
Because even I chose to not remember, I couldn’t
I’ll remember the days you made me cry
And the night where I wanted to die
I’ll remember you as lies and deceits
I’ll remember you as WHY cause everything you did I’ll ask why
I could remember you as billions of things
But even if I do forget all
I’ll always remember you as life, fading away, gone forever
You still want to be remembered by me ?

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Phaniemili.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?