I’ll Always Be Me

Pray for me, as I was once like you.
I was a child, a young wife, and a mother with a dream for a future.
So, don’t shut me out because I don’t seem to understand.
Instead, speak kindly to me and talk of days gone by.
Because, these are the things to which I can relate.
The moments I live today, I will re-live tomorrow,
For they are but fleeting seconds of recognition.

To you, I appear as an empty shell, lost in a distant world.
But, look closely, and listen carefully,
And you will find that the woman inside is very much alive.
I am filled with a desire to reach out and touch you.
I want you to know it is me inside here, and that I can see, hear and feel you.
But then I begin to wonder why it is I am reaching out to you.
I don’t know you, do I?

And as I linger in that prison we call Alzheimer’s,
Somewhere between life and death,
I often struggle as I search for small signs of recognition.
Who is that old woman peering back at me through the glass?
I feel certain I should know her,
So I look to her and say, “Don’t pity me old woman.”
But she stares in silence.

Then, as I study her pale, withered face, there is an awakening within me,
And a tear cascades down my cheek.
She is me, and I am her.
And I know, if even for an instant, that I have loved and been loved.
So, don’t pity me world, even when I seem to disappear.
No, instead show me respect, dignity and compassion,
Because, no matter what you see, I will always be me.


Todays best new poem was written by Jordan.


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