If Angels Could Fly

I’ve searched for cloud nine and sought the silver lining;
Swam among the raindrops the heavens were designing.
The searches came up empty and the seeking was in vain.
Now I’m swinging from the lighting bolts dancing in the rain.
The thickened fog below me, the hidden truth therein,
I see now I have fallen for these vices once again.

Deeper with each word, I am buried by my thoughts.
I believed that I could fly but now see that I cannot.
Falling from her graces, that silver line dividing places;
Trading happiness for emptiness, erasing the embraces.
Yearning for redemption, finding fistfuls of thin air,
Realizing what I’m grasping for was never really there…

I thought that she would save me, wrap me up within her wings,
But I’ve learned that even angels are not always as they seem.
She carried all the markings, the characteristics great and small.
Yet she never learned to fly because she never learned to fall.
I have no one to blame for my disease comes from within,
This beating thing I call a heart but has truly never been.

This may not be rock bottom but its the bottom of the rock.
I’m digging through the fallacies stemming from the empty talk.
Lying face down in the dirt staring back up at the stars,
I wonder if she’s watching from where those raindrops are.
It matters not tonight but I will always wonder why
I fell into the arms of an angel that could not fly.

Todays best new poem was written by Erick Forsythe.


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