I Wished To Become…

Everyone of us has its own dream
Something in our life may bring
Happiness through entire living
Aimed when we start thinking

To be Philanthropist is all I wanted
Lend a helping hand for others I acted
Seeing less fortunate I am being hurt
My mind dissolved, my heart melted

How can I perform this dream of mine
If for myself I feel sublime?
Lack of everything and it’s not so fine
Where people needs it most of the time

If I were to help, I want to be
Somewhere in a place they don’t know me
It’s good to share without waiting
Better to give than receiving

Share your blessings to humanity
For it is an act of Christianity
It is a step to divinity
And it will sounds through eternity

I know of this quotation line
We cannot give what we do not have
So I pray to God and I believed
He will give me a chance to become…PHILANTHROPIST

Todays best new poem was written by Regie.


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5 thoughts on “I Wished To Become…

  1. good as written……but the most important of all is to live your life worthy. Although yuou dont have have everything to help others. you may extend help by sharing what you have but if you dont have any material things to share you can still help them by PRAYING to GOD ti lighten their burden

  2. it really reflects to the writers character, simple but you can’t fathom the real him!

  3. giving without expecting something in return that’s right! but definiteely you cannot give what we do not have.

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