I Miss You

I miss you
And really wish to see you,
So we can settle down
And have issues,
I promise not to mislead you,
Neither raise a hand on you
Or treat you like paper tissue,
I’ll take you out of this place
Full of witches and snitches.
Once you dress in my silk dress,
And catwalk in those snickers,
I’m just waiting for a perfect day
In a deserted place like this
to make my wishes official.

Todays best new poem was written by Bravotwice D Towncrier.


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5 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. This poems shows the poet’s literal reflection on the reality of love, employing the basic machinery of language in a great poem. A great piece!

  2. The litertaly works really shows how beautiful it will be in the poet paradis of Love. A good one

  3. indeed a lovely poem there. I’ll like some more of such poems posted to my E-mail A.S.A.P

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