You knew i was alone before you came…
You knew i would be lonely if you left…
Still you didn’t bother to leave me with lots of pain…
How could you do so if you were a good friend???

I don’t know whether it’s my fate or my fault….
But i don’t want you to get assault…
I always felt you were just the one for me…
After you there is no one i can think….

The more i think not to think of you….
The more you board the mood of my road….
Go away, just go away, and let me breathe…
Oh my mind, allow me to be within me, me and me….

I am alone, i was alone and as you are not there i want to be happily alone….
So, what should I do to take you out from my memory please…???
Shall I leave the city or lanes or the chat window that pops up often?
I need an answer from you, atleast this time please don’t refuse…!!!

Todays best new poem was written by Queen.


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