How It Works

Poets: Enter The Free Poetry Contest

The first 350 poets to submit a qualifying poem to the annual poetry contest will have their poem featured on the homepage to be judged by the 1,000’s of poetry fans that visit this website. A cash prize is awarded to the poet that submits the most popular poem featured in the annual poetry contest! You can read the submission guidelines and submit a poem to the free poetry contest here.

Poetry Fans: Help Judge The Free Poetry Contest

You can help determine the winning poem by Facebook “Liking” Tweeting, Pinning, sharing, or leaving a comment for the poems featured for the poetry contest that you enjoy throughout the year. Helping to judge the free poetry contest qualifies you for cash prize drawings and it is totally free to participate.

An Annual Winning Poem Is Determined

Obviously, Likes, Tweets, Pins, shares, and comments are all factors that I consider when I calculate a poetry contest entry’s popularity. However, how much influence each factor has is a secret. There are several other totally secret factors that I calculate and consider as well. I will take all of these secrets to my grave.. If I cannot calculate which poems are truly the best new poems because of people influencing the deciding factors in their poem entry’s favor, the quality of the poems featured in the annual top ten lists would suffer and would probably not be worth reading to the average poetry fan. That would render this poetry contest website useless, and I will not be having any of that nonsense! 😉