Hidden Universe

Why do you hide?
Cuz I?m broken
My heart houses despair
And my soul cracks
Under the pressure
The pressure to be
To exist
In a world where
Conformity is acknowledged
And individuality suffers brutally
My own being not of mind but of structure
Why do you hide?
Cuz when I show me
Who I really am
I know that their gazes
Cut my mind like swords
I am damaged property
My only solace
A created world through others imaginations
But I get pulled to reality
A harsh non-existence
Why do you hide?
Cuz I?m what?s wrong in this world
A mirror finds its place
Without me
Layers cling to me
They protect me
From grazing swords
My only enemy
I am a hidden treasure
That can?t be found
Locked away
With a broken key

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