I sit and resurrect every idea that has gone before,
I try and recollect all the things that made me pause,
halt to reconsider whether its worthy of applause,
and when I realise its hot light it, ignite the torch,
shine a ray of hope in this world of wasted talent,
save this faithless youth from drowning like titanic,
waste your lives in nine to fives, waste your lives consuming lines,
but soon you’ll see your dreams have died,
and there’s nothing to do but view the time,
the time that you have wasted may as well erase it,
replace it, recreate your life demonstrate your greatness.
eliminate your many memories of any enemies that held you back,
self doubt no doubt has played its villainous attack,
shyness and fear have stopped you being a king for too long,
the time has come your highness, defeat your inhibitions keep strong.

Todays best new poem was written by Preech


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