Here And There Just The Same

The vision, the mission of
His academy’s preaching Stuttered,
Like the Irish bagpipes
He shrilled, wailed and Coughed.
His humour like sarcasm bolted her
Made her scratch and Purr,
The daffodils on her door step read,
” Hope all the dust has Settled.”
But neither their intoxicating scent
Nor the longing in her eyes
Rendered his intentions Steady.
She had longed for so long
For her famine be quenched
And behind her walls something Sighed.
His unyeilding gaiety sublimated her
soaring balky fervor
And her parched heart Sighed,
But despite moments spent in a
Between two Autumn Blaze Maples,
her heart still
Even when the icing in thier yawl
Slowly melted and its long keeled hull
Rendered it Steady.

Todays poetry contest entry was written by Molly


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems in 2015?


23 thoughts on “Here And There Just The Same

  1. Wise man once uttered that words can impact profound wisdom in our lives and the ability to trandform our lives to the next level is one of the kind..Excitement doesnt begin to describe the feeling i had after reading this piece..few years sgo God gave me an assignment for one reason or another i was reluctant to carry out.but something in me was triggered by this poem which proppelled me to partake in the journey i was called for( mentoring adolescent and volunteering in any area).if such a piece could create such an effect in my life or possibly in the crowd that i will be delivering my service then i think it should be the best poem

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