He Cries For Help!

He cries for help yet no one hears.
He is the only one who has lived his years.
He often wonders why no one cares?
He understands everyone has their own despairs.
He asks why the west fights the east?
He knows we are all prisoners of the beast….Money!
He cries for help!
Money, for it millions of men have brutally died!
But billions more have mourners cried.
He cries for help!
He lives in a world where children are homeless living on the street.
He saw a mother with four children without a home and no food to eat.
He cries for help!
He asks, who is in control of this beast, money?
That favors those with the most and condemns those with the least.
He cries for help!


Todays best new poem was written by KCH.


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