The falling lillies enchant summer beams
As forest blooms few springs most mornings,
The Sunrise hangs his emblem over museum hymns
And sheperds lead their flocks away from home horizons.

The dews curl fates in gardens statues Crown
And every dawn surrenders to the world beauty,
In silence, all chapel silvers ring the 6th hour
As morning birds agree to memorize songs’ lyrics.

Few hanging vines drop their mists at midday
When Sun shines most over the hills and valleys
And in the evening, on nature life eternal pathway,
Rest naps of angels in cotton laps of Mommy…

Glimmering spring sources near their sleep in ocean
As blue skies dress their stars shining night gown,
Cathedral’s bells recite back 6th motto hour
For at the Sunset , Christ Climbs down at His Altar….


Todays best new poem was written by Catalina Geornoiu.