Hard To Say Goodbye

I will always love you,
I can never forget you.
Though I’m dating someone new,
A part of my heart,
Will always belong to you.

Letting go is hard, I must move on.
You wouldn’t want me hanging on.
When all the pain and suffering clears,
I pray not to shed another tear.

You said we’d be together forever,
Death couldn’t keep us apart.
Forever has come and gone,
Death has made its presence known.

We have had our good days,
We most certainly had our bad.
Our marriage wasn’t perfect,
But we both gave it the best we had.

There are a lot of questions,
I know you can’t answer.
Why do I put myself through this?
Gosh, I miss your passionate kiss.

Someday in heaven, we will meet again.
You will forever be in my heart until then.
I know I have to move on, wipe away these tears I cry.
No matter how hard I try,
It’s impossible to say goodbye.


Todays best new poem was written by Mizzkris20.


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