Be happy and shine
don’’t waste time.
Be crazy be mad
don’’t have your soul dead.
Life is better with a sunshine smile.
Very cruel with a disappointed soul.
You’re great beautiful and clever.
You’re free exactly like weather
Get up stand up and be ready .
Life doesn’t stop already
You haven’t the right to say:
I am weak deeply hurt indeed !
Don’t shout don’t cry, Just try to buy
your happiness, To forget sadness
And create your sweetest days.
You’’re not born to die
or to say to me goodbye
Put your head up high
you’’re here to fly
Important words are unsaid
We shouldn’’t be upset
Just stay thankful and remember
that one day you’ll be dead

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Wided Ayari.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?


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