Halloween Night

Awaiting for the night to come
laughing as they try to run
For the witch will get you before the sun
as sparkling stars & sliver moon
shine into each and every bedroom
Fading all darkness & sounds away
Leaving people astray
She dazes them into their own mindless land
and slowly guiding them by their hand
to the haunted house, through the woods
guided by the men with hoods
While witches fly high above
sucking away feelings of happiness & love
Fading all realization all so fast
not remembering present or past
As you enter the darkened slumber
making you count back her given number
She takes your mind, body and soul
For you now will never be whole
she divides you up in different sections
twisting your body in every direction
as you cry out in pain
you wake up lying in the rain
Not remembering a thing
but in your hand is a ring
burned so deep
the pain will never go away.


Todays best new poem was written by Stacey Lins.


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