Guiding Stars

In the darkness of my life, I have three guiding stars

My daughters, you see, are the keys to my heart
When the sun goes down on my lonely life
I look to them to ease my trouble and strife

Imagine a day when the hours are long
And all you hold onto is that which makes you strong
My girls are for me a bright, shining light
I’ll never be lost on a dark, dreary night

If I were a sailor with no compass to follow
Their faces would lead me to smile and not wallow

Our love is so strong; it breaks the chains of despair
And in my quiet moments, I always wish I was there

To hold them, to comfort as little girls need
But, I fight a losing battle because of their father’s greed
A man who sees little but himself to secure
And one day with regret, he’ll find his heart sore

When people annoy and have lack of respect,
They pick at my soul to see what I have left
But, I am a mother and my faith is strong

My daughters will see one day that all this was wrong

In the darkness of the night that I call my life
I look to their faces to lead me to the light
They may feel neglected and they may feel alone
But, their mother’s heart is not a cold stone

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Lara.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?