He will rock in his chair back and forth.
He never complained.
He never regretted anything.
He would open his heart and always forgave.
He would thank everyone that might help him.
It was sad to think that wasn’t enough.

He had to pass away.
I chose to believe that he went to a place where peace is the key of harmony.
Where the sun shines and the rivers are warm.
Where people are blessed in every way.
Here on earth I miss my grandfather.

He taught me how a relationship should be with honestly.
How he told me to work hard for my goals.
How he told me a story of his yesterday years.
To be a person who is great full, and to find solutions not problems.

My grandfather love my whole family.
On the last day I missed the chance to say my last word.
I love you grandfather, as you loved us all.


Todays poetry contest entry was written by Ana Martinez.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?