Time is slipping away
And you don’t know what to say
You hope for just one more day
All you can do is pray
Your heart is in pain
You are about to go insane
Your eyes are about to tear
You don’t want to look in the rearveiw mirror
You had one last goodbye kiss
One you will always miss
You didn’t want to let go
You wish he would know
How much you want to cry
Cause you don’t want to say goodbye
His arms wrap around
And all you can do is stare at the ground
His fingers hold yours tight
You know the ending is in sight
You will miss him more than ever
But never say never
You will have another chance
Cause life is a dance
If its meant to be
He is going to see
That maybe it’s me
And he’ll get down on one knee


Todays best new poem was written by Sara Ballauer.


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