Gaze At The Stars

The sky above so great
Yet we forgot to embrace
The stars glooming gaze

Neglect we the light
That brought us here tonight…

Not are the trees at fault
Nor the clouds that crowds

But the light of cities
That comes and sleeps…

Must we forget the moments we traced
At the mighty stars, we try to replace

Another day without a gaze
Where will I find the fountain of maze ?
The cup of knowledge our ancestors have craved?…

Here I stand , alone, trying to find the answers above
Crying in the name of my love

Where is she , who has taken my heart?
Under her spel I am still

Trying I am , but yet so difficult
In this world which is filled with lust…

Along the street I am sitting still
Awaiting for my friends to shine in will

But yet no trace
How will I face ?
Without their magical grace…

Todays best new poem was written by Isaycyrus.


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2 thoughts on “Gaze At The Stars

  1. Thank you for this piece. It is true we must remain grateful even during times of yearning for love and identity. There is a lot of emotional tension in this piece which I enjoy. I think you can take out above in the line “sky above,” since all skies are above. There is a typo in spelling the word “spell.” Best luck in the competition. 🙂

    • Hey thanks for the critical response and yes I do have to agree with you with errors in the poem. It was one my first experience in writing poems and there are more, which in my opinion are better. If interested you can visit the poem community on facebook with a few of my poem and thank you once again 🙂

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