As a Statue, I stand, strong and bold.
My expression, my beliefs, will never change.
I was created, molded, and shaped
To be one way, until the end of time, I will remain
For I am stubborn and unbreakable
But I am wrong, everything changes.
Still I stand, strong and bold
But through erosion from sand, wind, and water,
I have been remolded, reshaped.
Remade for new purposes.
Born one way, to live another.
A slave to the change of time
Though as a statue, I am frozen
In stone, I sit,
waiting for you, to reshape me.
To protect me from the elements
And release me from my stone prison
This cold, dark entrapment, with your love.
For nothing is warmer than a heart filled with reason.
Love will make it burn, until the stone cracks
Then you will have set me free.
And yet, as before,
As a statue, I will stand, Strong and bold
But this time, I will not be frozen,
In time, wearing away.
I will stand at your side
Stubborn and unbreakable.
This time, immune to the elements
No longer a slave to the change of time.
I will stay strong, as stone,
And protect you, as your love has protected me.
So come, Release me from this torment, this hell
And for the love that you gave, in return,
I will set you free.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Tom Gowen.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?