Future Of Dreams

I can see winter’s fearful tears
I can see its darkening sky
Its glowing stars and glamorous lights
Hiding all its desolate cries

A guiding light that’s what they say
That will get rid of all this dismay
In the night I try to achieve
In the night I strive to believe
Hoping for a future full of dreams

The thought is daunting
Life’s river is calling
The seconds are passing
And tomorrow is coming
There is no time to wait
I must not rely on fate
For I must create a future full of dreams

I can see summer’s joyous laugh
I can see its brightening sky
Its warming light and pleasant air
Showing the world its joy and care

A guiding light that’s what it’ll be
Leading me to laughter and glee
I will achieve
I will believe
For a future full of dreams

I will lift my head
I will jump up high
I will never let my dreaming die
Believe in a hope and forget all the lies
For this will bring out the true self inside

My thoughts are alive
As I continue to thrive
The day finally arrives
When I can finally jump sky high
The time is here
My fate finally reached
I have created a future full of dreams

Todays best new poem was written by Karlein Kwong.


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