From Below To Above

Staring down to civilisation
Polluting every nation
I see the ants frantically crawling
Destroying natures creation
Over each-other they stamp
Dignity far below their feet
Marching viciously to the beat
Not caring who they tread upon
Sniffing out the green treasure
Not happy until this world is gone
Forgetting the value of real pleasure
Money sits upon the throne
But far above the mountains roam
Peering down the perspective is clear
Gazing up, the force is shear

This world allowed my feet
To stand proud above its peak
Looking down with care
It rewarded me with its winds
So there I stood awash with air
Whirling around stealing my blackness
Grasping away with its bright glare
Searching into my thick abyss
The breeze cleansing my dark passenger
Taking all the things I shall never miss
A new life waiting to endure
My shadow slowly unwinding, fading away to light
Taking my demons out of sight
Rays bombarding my black soul
Cleansing every dark dense hole
Remaining just an imprint
A mild yet significant hint
Leaving the ones I loved one last glint
A flame could come alight
It would have take but one flint
But now of this life, I am spent
All that remains is my grave stone.


Todays best new poem was written by Rhysius Maximus.