Friends Of Time

Your poem of yesterday is taken deeply and profoundly

Your love and dedication are highly regarded and endeared!!

The essence of time will tell us where our friendship would be

Will this be something to look forward to?

Maybe yes, maybe no!!!

From time to time petty arguments will surely come along the way

This should not be a reason for us to fall apart

Underlying issues that cause the problem we must find out

So we can move on to the next chapter of our life…

Having you around is something I look forward to

Fun and laughter we share is something I treasure too

I just hope you know that ” I DO CARE FOR YOU “.

Or else I will have been long gone before the dawn is new!!!

Teas or coffees any days of the week

My availability is always in your time

Glad that invitation is coming from a dearest friend of mine

I will not say “No” for the opportunity

That I can have a FREE drink anytime!!

Your love and passion is taken with respect

There is nothing I can say much except accept what lies ahead

Knowing how I am is I hope enough for you to understand

That my destiny lies in the hand of time…..

Todays best new poem was written by Rachel Hill.


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3 thoughts on “Friends Of Time

  1. Such a lovely poem about friendship…I agree!!! We don’t know how long we can hold it as we do have destinies that lies in the hand of time.. Well written!!!

  2. Another poem from a good poet!!! Friends of Time made a powerful impact for everyone . Friendship is a long lasting relationship that no one knows what the future hold whether it will last or not. We make it lasts by means of communication but it we lost that link it will subside. Well done for writing this poem.

  3. I am happy you have taken the chance to be in the “now” with this individual!! Enjoy your friendship!!

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