What is freedom to you?
Is it bursting free from an entanglement?
Is it breaking free from an abusive and slavish relationship?
Or a security from hunger, want and penury?
Is it the crossing of a hurdle seemingly insurmountable?
Freedom has many sides.
Which side are you facing?

Freedom breathes a new life into the lifeless
Freedom puts a spring in your steps
Freedom puts a wider smile to your face
Freedom gives you a new voice
Freedom makes you dream of better prospects
Freedom gives you the key to chart a new course

To every freedom, there is a fight
To every fight, there is a cause
To every cause is a belief
To every belief is a strong and willing hand
In every hand is a resolve never to capitulate.
It doesn’t come easy
Before it is earned, something is given in return

One thing is certain
I’ll rather be free to take my decisions and face the consequences.
I’ll rather be free with the sky as a roof over my head
Than be a king in shackles, sheltered under a diamond studded golden dome.
That is freedom to me
I ask again. What is freedom to you?

A poem in honor of Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela on his 93rd birthday 18th July, 2011

Todays best new poem was written by Nasir001


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5 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. The poem reminds me of a hard fought dilemma in which I found myself. In the end, the freedom I earned made me feel as if I was in heaven. I can’t compare it to any feeling.
    Very lovely and inspiring. Thanks.

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