Free Spirit… – That’’s ME..!!

Enroute the journey of life…
She has been through path’s that have ~
yanked her away from her fetish for freedom,
her zest for carefree life, her innocence,
binding her to forbidden rules relatively unknown,
wading her through stumbling blocks that ripped her apart,
enclosing her on, in boundless dreaded fear n’ despair,
making her stay awake through dark nights crying silent tears,
having been thrown in perpetually void black holes,
that crushed n’ shattered her while consuming her whole!!

the deed was done only on her physical existence
for they were not aware of her real presence,
they thought they were seeing her fragmented, when
’twas she who was showing them what she wanted them to see,
sheer mind games ’twas, till she was ready to bounce back,
n’ face head on, the new barricaded set of attacks,
with renewed vigor n’ strength within, to hold on,
all the while, waiting for the time to be just right,
to unveil the real HER – her soul, spirit with pride!!

She is an untouched FREE spirit n’ soul ~
who has risen from her own ash-fill…
like a phoenix to soar new dimensional heights,
over every sea, ocean, mountain, chasm n’ tide,
where over every predicament, it is HOPE that abides!!

Her pristine soul is radiant with true love ~
flowin’ in abundance, replenishing each time,
as need be, to sow seeds of peace, bliss n’ harmony,
her spirit runs carefree through the prying winds, rain,
sunshine, sunset, twilight n’ the starry moon lit sky,
who caress her, enliven her n’ enthrall her FREE sprit,
liberating the shielded child-woman who yearned all along
to live in a world where innocence is conserved n’ Life calls
..for this is the only world where she truly belongs!!

I know all of this of her is true
for that SHE is ME ~
I am the FREE spirit n’ soul
who set the I, ME n’ MYSELF within me FREE
to be ONE with the universe n’ face my fate n’ destiny
as such, that from now on I’ll live every moment carefree…

Todays best new poem was written by Aishwarya.


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50 thoughts on “Free Spirit… – That’’s ME..!!

  1. Even though I a competitor in this poetry contest, I have thorough read, and analyzed your poem. I absolutely adore it. It reminds me of my past whenever I was a child, adolescent, and shortly after I joined the U. S. Navy. When I was a child I was oppressed by my parents and their philosophy on how life is, however once I started looking into other ways of living and had traveled all sorts of places over the world, I realized that their lifestyle was not for me, and once I figured this out I was completely liberated by finding myself and what philosophy works for me. I love your rhythm and your rhyme scheme as well. You are quite rather a wordsmith as well. I love to read more of your poetry if you would like to me do so. I also love the heartfelt-ness emotions that the reader feels at the beginning and the liberation at the end too. This also reminded me of my transition in life, and also a prosy song called Freedom that I wrote quite a few years back. Thanks for entering this contest and allowing me the pleasure to read such a great piece of poetry by someone that is obviously seasoned as a poet. Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors!

    • Thanks Eric. I am floored with your comments and touched with what you’ve been through in life. I’m glad you found what works for you and answers to ya queries too. It is more important to understand life while living it. However, I still consider myself an amateur poet. You can read my poems at or write to me at

      Wish you the best in life, always..!!


  2. Nice…the quest of very well written.everyone’s search the soul within

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