Forgotten Dreams

Gift my father had given to me.
Mother stitched my name inside of the thumb seam.
Tiny piece of the game that once stored away inside my forgotten dreams.
Memory of the best game of baseball that I ever had played.
Planted firmly in the red clay with just the toes of my cleats.
Glance from the pitcher to see into me.
His eyes showing the fate of the ball his arm controls.
As I drown out the fans in the stands. Sweat fills my palms.
The bat held tightly in my hands as I swing all the way.
Strike one shows on the umpires hand. Second swing connecting with the ball.
As it is sent flying high over the wall.
Taking time to enjoy, my last homerun made.
Wind lightly grazing across my face as I walk all four bases .
Moments of change in the game that are so hard to make, I made.
Forgotten dreams left in the memory to fade.
Fields of green that once lived inside me. One large white diamond on gameday gleams.
Waiting to be worn and is a rare sight to see.
Now lives in the world of my forgotten dreams.
Young man now with a new baby boy on his way.
Time left to remenence on the game he once loved to play.
Time dissapates and sheds the game slowly away from him.
Forgotten dreams left inside the memories that he continues to live in.
Married now with a new team that he is building up to grow.
Wanting more in life for his new little friend.
Inspiring inside to relive the dreams that his heart once li Baseball is a gift that he hopes to be able to share with him.
Light through his son of the dreams he once had.
Supporting and coaching while always staying the best dad.
Chance of his son reliving the dream that his father once had.
Forgotten dreams now left to pass down.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Sharon Dyess.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?