I see those eyes from across the room
and his smile melts my frosty heart
My head knows his number, yet, my fingers won’t call
A forbidden romance that must never start.

A man of esteem, so handsome and strong
whose passion and love, I shall never feel
Thoughts of him fill me through the night
praying for his kisses, I might steal.

Of my desires, he surely must know
for if he did not, he no longer could I face
Yet to his sea of love, I would row
my dreams of him, I cannot erase.

Too much is at stake, too many would hurt, so
unwilling to chance for his splendor.
I live in the moments he glances my way, though
He, neither, can chance a surrender.

Hearts ripped in two, between lust and devotion
unspoken words in our eyes and mind.
Karma should haunt us if ever we felled
but this passion will us, forever bind.

Todays best new poem was written by JMKS.


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