For You

I wish I could have met you
We’’d have got along just great
But you were taken out of the blue
That was just a mean trick of fate

We never had any memories
But I’’ve heard so much great stuff
I believe we would have had a great journey
But I’’ve heard you weren’’t very tough

Every time I see your picture
I break into a smile
One day I hope I’’ll see your figure
I believe you’’re with me through every mile

I know we never met
But I love you even so
And every time I start to fret
I know you’’d tell me to slow
But the stuff I’’ve heard of you I will never forget
But one day I know we’’ll finally say hello


Todays best new poem was written by Laura Drury.


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11 thoughts on “For You

  1. wow, good poem, very throghtful for your uncle, hope you share this with the rest of the family

  2. This poem shows you don’t have to have met someone for them to influence and touch your lives

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